Ncsn Benefits


With NCSN, regardless of the country you live in, you can find that preferred potential lifetime partner who:

    -    worships in same church as you.

    -    comes from your preferred state of origin (and even Local Govt. Area),-     

    -     has a compatible blood group as yours.

....... and you can set many more preference options.



-     Only members can see photos of other members and communicate. Non members can't.

-     Once logged in, members can access any profile of the opposite sex ONLY.

-     Express your interest in ANY member of the opposite sex that you admire with no reason to be shy.

-     Instant communication: Send your message by email or SMS direct to recipient's mobile phone. You can be assured of a quick response (NOTE: Mobile phones numbers and email addresses of members are not viewable by both members and non-members)

-     An automated SMS/Email (NCSN Alert) automatically informs you that a potential partner who meets your preferred qualities has been found.    In addition the site offers members free live online counseling on issues bordering relationships.



    -      At no extra fee, the site offers premium communication features to all members. These include Public/Private chat, Instant messaging, Forum, live online    counseling, inbox, NCSN (Ideal Match) Alert, direct messaging to members' privatized mobile phone numbers.

    -       As membership is based on subscription fee, you can be sure to find a pool of more genuine set of individuals also in search of a long term relationship. Subscription fee is 2700 NGN or $19.99 USD per year.     Wherever in the world you find yourself, this site helps you to find a fellow single Christian in the same country as you.

- Part of the revenue generated will be used to part sponsor randomly selected marriages yielded by the site. Such sponsorship shall be in cash or in kind  solely at the discretion of NCSN.

If you are a Nigerian, single and a Christian, this site is especially for you.

- God Bless